Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lobster Bisque - December 27th, 2011

I've been doing a lot of work in Portsmouth, NH on the New England seacoast. Portsmouth is a great town to work in with so many restaurants within walking distance from the major hotels. The town has an eclectic small town feeling to it and is currently experiencing a culinary boom with several dozen dining options all over the map.

I've been eating my way through Portsmouth's offerings and something that has frustrated me is the lack of a good lobster bisque. The Oar House has a decent offering although the texture is a bit grainy. Mombo's is great but maybe pricey at $10 a bowl (a cup option would be nice). Those two offerings are all I've been able to find to date. Many places offer a lobster and corn chowder offering that is composed with too much filling (i.e., potato) for my enjoyment.

Hence my mission to create a serviceable bisque at home during my holiday break. This was a bit challenging due to living in the mid west. I based my attempt on this recipe from Whole Foods. I looked at a few recipes, this one had the requisite consistency and sherry content that fit my taste.

I ordered all the provisions from Peapod (I really hate venturing out this time of year with the crowds etc...). I was able to order frozen cold water lobster tails (from north east Canada I believe). The first complication was the seafood stock. I started with a base of chicken stock/broth and clam juice adding the cooked lobster shells after I had steamed them and reserved the meat. I also added some peppercorns and something which I think is essential: dried porcini mushrooms. The mushrooms add a great depth of flavor to the stock.

I omitted the smoked paprika and I served the bisque by spooning the broth over the lobster in dishes. It came out fantastic.

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  1. You need to ask Grammie for her story and recipe she got at the Cape!