Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 In Review: Flights

It's been a strange year. The first half I was working locally in Chicago so not doing a lot of travelling. The second half was spent at clients in New Jersey, New York City, Cedar Rapids, New Hampshire and Miami.

I logged a total of 70 United flights and probably around 10 non-United with personal trips to Arlington, Vegas, New Orleans, Omaha, the Bahamas, Wyoming, Maine, Denver, Blacksburg and Boston.

Thoughts on United:
As a premier executive I was upgraded on around 35% of my flights. My belief is that this was primarily due to fare class. The more expensive the coach ticket, the more likely I would get the upgrade over someone else with similar status. I had to book a lot of last minute flights so this worked out for me.

A lot of my flights to Newark were on Continental. I hope that United retains the media options that Continental flights have. In coach you can watch live TV, for a fee - this is better than watching the same NBC reruns over and over. I also felt that the Continental aircraft were generally in better condition.

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