Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Arrowhead Manor - Morrison, CO

I instituted a no bed-and-breakfast policy about a decade ago. Specifically, I wouldn't stay in any facility with fewer than 15 rooms. I guess it's the forced intimacy with the innkeepers, and often other guests at breakfast, that really don't mesh with my New Hampshire Yankee sensibilities. A wedding in rural Colorado would this past weekend would be the first time I had to break my policy.

The Arrowhead Manor is located along scenic route 285 in Morrison, CO. We flew in just before 9pm on Friday and, after stopping at a liquor store for some wine up the road, arrived at the inn around 10pm. Instructions for accessing our room were waiting in an envelope.

Throughout the weekend, I never had to interact with the innkeeper. This was fantastic. I knew they would be there if I needed them, but they weren't intrusive at all. I wasn't even required to formally check out - something I love about larger hotels.

Breakfast was a very informal affair, a leisurely window of time in the morning where we could sit at a private table, order from a menu and enjoy a filling, delicious meal.

We stayed in the Evergreen suite. I loved it. Spacious, great bathroom, great TV and a gorgeous view from a large private balcony.

The facility was modern, decorated chateau-style, clean and open. In spite of maybe five or six other couples staying concurrently we were unaware of their existence.

One thing that struck me as interesting and unnecessary was the owners' consistent reminders that Arrowhead wasn't a "large five star hotel" to evidently assuage expectations of amenities. This was completely unjustified. Arrowhead's facilities and accommodation are top-notch. If someone's expecting room service at 2am or a taxi waiting out front at all times, they are simply misguided. Arrowhead shouldn't have to hedge against that sort of moron. What results is distracting for those of us who are rational.

The other enlightening facet to the operation was the over-the-top solicitation of positive feedback in public forums (e.g., tripadvisor etc.). While distracting, I can understand for smaller operations that online reputation can really make or break you. Online reviews lead me to choose Arrowhead.

I would eagerly stay at Arrowhead again if I find myself in the Morrison/Bailey area again. Make sure to check out the Bucksnort Saloon in Sphinx Park while you're there. Have a beer and enjoy the view.


  1. Arrowhead Manor is an amazing place. This was our first weekend getaway together and we could not have chosen a better place to stay. We look forward to making this a place we get away to and recharge. The staff was wonderful and the amenities were amazing.

  2. Oh this isn't luxury, not by a long shot, at least not if you are in a room rather than a suite. They didn;t even clear the snow! You can hear the guests in the next room VERY clearly, and we were next to the "Red room" so guess what they were doing in there. Loudly. At 5 am. It's not quite 8 am as I write this, using my own wifi as the hotel wifi wavers in and out. A cold draft is coming in through the 2" gap under my door and I am waiting to eat breakfast and leave, but they don;t even start breakfast till 0830! They charge lots of extra charges but I cannot imagine what for. And the innkeeper isn't intrusive because they aren't even on site! You can clearly hear the traffic ont he highway steps away from the front door. I cannot recommend it.