Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh food - August 6th, 2011

This weekend was cut short due to a trip to Pennsylvania on Sunday. Saturday morning I took my first trip to Chicago's Green City Market - a sustainable farmer's market in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The picture in the middle of the collage reflects what I picked up: some plum tomatoes, radishes, goat cheese, goat shoulder, some wildflowers, pickling cucumbers, corn and dill. Everything was very fresh and vibrant.

I spent the rest of the day cooking using what I had bought. Starting clockwise from the top right:
A Jamaican style goat curry - The shoulder required a lot of cleanup. It was fresh and had a lot of sinew/silverskin that needed to be trimmed off. The marinade was a combination of the tomatoes some onion, ginger and garlic with allspice and curry powder. I also added some chilies from the plant on my balcony.

Dill pickles - I've been using Rulhman's recipe from Charcuterie with mixed results. I am hoping the fresh cucumbers make a real difference.

Pimento cheese dip/spread with crackers and radishes - This is a simple, delicious spread that's pretty much equal parts grated sharp and white cheddar and mayo. Add some cayenne and diced, roasted cherry peppers from a jar. The secret is in letting it sit for a couple of hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Ginger mojitos - I've been playing around with ginger preserves. They are an excellent addition to a traditional mojito recipe to give it that ginger tang.

Dinner - The goat shoulder curry over rice, some quick pickles, sauteed greens from the radishes and corn with some cream, clove, cardamom and mustard seeds. The corn was excellent. You can get the recipe here.

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