Saturday, July 30, 2011

From scratch - July 30th, 2011

Reading things like this keeps driving home the point that food-wise, DIY is the way to go. This weekend, I was able to add some chicken stock, pickled peppers and remoulade to the fridge for use.

The chicken stock is inspired by Michael Ruhlman's approach: cook a chicken for dinner, throw the carcass in a tight-fitting pot with carrot, onion, bay, garlic and thyme, cover with water and simmer for four hours or so.

The pickled peppers are a staple in my refrigerator - inspired by Momofuku. They're easy to make (water, rice vinegar, salt and sugar) and add a perfect punch to anything from chicken salad to vinaigrette.

You'll notice my remoulade is in a Hellmann's jar. I buy the smaller mayo jars and when they reach about half full I add various ingredients to make a jar of remoulade, blue cheese dressing, chipolte mayo or even... In-N-Out Sauce. It cuts the mess a ton.

I've also given up on cut-and-use on my herb garden so I've begun to dry out some sage and rosemary from the garden.

The remoulade made it onto some delicious shrimp po boys.

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