Friday, October 8, 2010

South Chicago Barbecue - October 2nd, 2010

I've had it... I'm now convinced you can't find good barbecue in Chicago. I read about three places (Leon's, Barbara Ann's and Uncle John's). In reading, across the board, the rib tip and hot link combo (traditionally a #7) is the go-to choice.

None of these establishments have tables - be prepared to take your food with (I don't recommend this given the volume of sauce) or eat in your car. A lot of reviews note the seediness of the neighborhoods that are home to these counters. My opinion is that it's not any different from anywhere else in South Chicago. People should relax and just be smart.

The dilemma that is posed is that this isn't food that's easy to eat. A layer of french fries topped with the meat; doused liberally with sauce and two slices of white bread on top. You pretty much need coveralls to eat this - and you need to eat it quick... once the sauce starts getting cold bad things start to happen.

Anyway. Still looking for good barbecue in Chicago.

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