Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Bob's Carry Out and Delivery - Sioux Falls, SD

Diner: Bob's Carry Out and Delivery

Sioux Falls has a new Mayor. I learned this sitting at one of the 10 or so stools that comprise the entirety of seating at Bob's. I'm not a breakfast person and I can't stand eggs but I had to try Bob's for breakfast based on this menu item:

Hash Browns Delight & Toast (hash browns, steak, peppers, onion, mushrooms, cheese) $6.95

Bob has been working his griddle since 1951; the staff consists of him and a girl taking orders and refilling coffee. She told me how she had been laid off from her weekday job at Qwest and that Bob was letting her pick up full time. This is a good thing.

I've never seen a more seasoned griddle. Bob expertly partitions the six or seven square feet of real-estate preparing three or four orders at once. He'll unroll a parchment bag of shredded potatoes and drop it on the griddle pouring some grease over the top; he'll freshly whip some eggs and pour them out into a square foot thin pool later to become an omelet; he'll lay out three strips of thick bacon (after asking you "soft or crispy?" and let them sizzle underneath an iron press; the way he uses holes in an old lid to cover and squirt water to steam dishes is fascinating. The toast is fresh and liberally buttered; texas toast is available for french toast. Everything he reached for was perfectly portioned and ready - not from the supplier, but from apparent care and planning spent the evening before. A fantastic (and filling) meal.

Bob's also offers a pretty intriguing lunch menu which I sadly had to miss. If you're in the area I very much recommend giving this place a try.

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  1. Any place that gets you to eat breakfast can't be half bad! Hope your weekend has been great!